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Pool Treatment by Chlorination

A Swimming pools must be properly treated or disinfection with Chlorination. Chlorination is very important for pool swimmers.

primary purposes :

There are three purpose pool should be disinfection by chlorination. In This chlorination free chlorine level maintaining for health requirements.

  1. Healthy
  2. Safety  and
  3. Aesthetics

It is in interest of public health that the pool be disinfected by chlorination  to prevent the transmission of disease. It is in the interest of swimmers safety that water be free of turbidity or color so that the bottom of pool at its greatest depth is visible at all times. It is in the interest of aesthetics that the pool be immaculately clean. This means the absence of film, scum leaves, surface debris and aquatic growth such as algae. Therefore the prime requisites of swimming pool operation must result in water that is clear and sparkling and free from bacteria and algae. The water should be of drinking quality , nonirritating and free of objectionable odors or tastes. In addition the pool structure must be free of film and deposits.

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